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Dr. Richard Walker, integrante de FACHRES

Para que se tenga una idea del alto nivel académico de catedráticos integrantes de FACHRES, reproducimos el Curriculum Vitae del Doctor Richard Averill Walker. Se refiere en el CV, en relación con El Salvador, lo siguiente:

1. Artículo sobre la Educación Superior.

2. Organización de conferencias.

3. Organización de delegaciones a Centroamérica.


Curriculum Vita (Complete)


Department of Geography

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, California 94720-4740

Telephone: (510) 642-3901/03

Fax: (510) 642-3370

1248 Rose

Berkeley, California 94702

Born: October 22, 1947

Children: Nadya Dabby, Zia Walker


1965-1969, Stanford University, Stanford, California, Economics, B.A., cum laude, 1969

1971-1975, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

National Defense Education Act Fellowship 1971-74

Ph.D. awarded May 1977, Doctoral Dissertation: The Suburban Solution: Urban Geography and Urban Reform in the Capitalist Development of the United States


1994 - 1999 Chair

1989- present Professor, Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley

1982-1989 Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley

1975-1982 Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley

1979 Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles (Winter)



Small Grants from Campus Organizations:

1977 - Institute of Urban and Regional Development and Committee on Research, for study of land use control reform movement.

1977 - Institute of Urban and Regional Development, on trends in office location.

1979 - Institute of Urban and Regional Development, on performance regulation and industrial location.

1980 - Institute of Urban and Regional Development, on industrial location and regional development.

1981 - Institute of Urban and Regional Development, on Mexican immigration, labor demand and business cycles.

1981 - Institute of Governmental Studies, on surplus and subsidy in the State Water Project.

1977- present Committee on Research grants for miscellaneous projects (c. $1000 each)

1984 - Committee on Research, Grant-in-Aid of Research, for computing equipment.

1988 - Council on Educational Development (with J. Hurst) to support course in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, entitled "War and peace movements in 20th century America"

1987-89 - Council on Educational Development grants to create a Bay Area Data Base for use in Geography 181, 150 and other departmental courses. This is an experimental interactive system for data retrieval on the region, using the department’s new computer facility (1987-88 for $7900 and 1988-89 for $2500). (with Prof. K. Nelson)

1989 - Institute of International Studies, Travel Grant to Europe ($1500).

1991 American Cultures Center, UCB: Grant in preparation of a course to meet the American cultures requirement ($5000), Summer

American Cultures Center, UCB: Grant for research assistance in preparation of a bibliography on immigrants and minorities in California ($1000), Summer

CED, UCB: Grant to rework Bay Area Data Base project ($1500), Summer

1991-92 - Committee on Research, UCB: Grant to study SF financial district ($2500)

1992 - CED and American Cultures Center, UCB: Grant to make maps of minorities in the Bay Area ($1000 each).

1993-94 - Committee on Research, UCB: Grant to map race, ethnicity and class in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1990 Census ($650).

1994-95 - Committee on Research, UCB: Metropolitan Growth and Edge City Formation in the San Francisco Bay Area ($2,000)

1995-96 - Committee on Research, UCB: Developmental Versus Speculative Finance in California ($650)

1995-96 - College of L&S, McEnerney Grant: Social Theory and The Environment: Two Core Geography Seminars ($9,529)

1996-97 - Committee on Research, UCB: Banking and Development Finance in California ($1,000)

1997-98 - Committee on Research, UCB: Irrigation and Agricultural Labor in California ($1,000)

1997-98 - Institute of Industrial Relations, small grant for research assistance, "Labor Economic Database of the Bay Area". (4 months @ 49%)

1998-99 - Committee on Research, UCB: Oil and the Southern California Take-Off ($1,000)

1998-99 - Institute of Industrial Relations, small grant for research assistance, "Labor Economic Database of the Bay Area". (4 months @ 49%)

1998 - UC Toxicology Grant (Prof. Harvey Molotch, UCSC)

1999-00 - Committee on Research, UCB: San Francisco Exceptionalism Revisited: Postwar Racial Declension in the Bay Area ($1,000)

2000-01 - Committee on Research, UCB: San Francisco Exceptionalism Revisited: Postwar Racial Declension in the Bay Area ($1,000)

2000-01 - California Studies Dinner/Seminars, grant from Townsend Center ($1,000)

2001-02 - Townsend Humanities Center grant to Geography Dept, for California Studies Dinner/Seminars ($750)

Grant Research - Outside Funding:

1980-81 - Public Interest Economics, "Financial Transfers within the State Water Project" (12 months) (Principal Investigator).

1980-82 - National Science Foundation, Program in Geography and Regional Science, "Technological Change, Labor Demand and Industrial Location" (Principal Investigator) (18 months).

1984 - Fulbright Grant in Western European Research, on the location of the electronics industry in France, the UK and Italy, August-December 1984.

1996-97 - NSF Grant "Doctoral Dissertation Research": The Use of Temporary Employment as Labor Flexibility or Labor Control: Greenville/Spartenburg, South Carolina, $10,000 (For Florence Gardner)

1998-99 - NSF Grant SBR-9810881 $8,100 to "Doctoral Dissertation Research: Constructing China's Capitalism, Connecting Shanghai's Rural and Urban Industries." October 1, 1998 to July 31, 1999. (For Daniel Buck)

2000-01 - "Work, Immigration and Welfare in the Heart of the New Economy: Getting a Grip on the Bay Area Labor Market," grant from the Institute of Labor and Employment, UC Systemwide ($15,000), with Chris Benner

2001-02 - Conference on Migration from Mexico to California. Grant from the Institute of International Studies to the California Studies Center, funds provided by the Ford Foundation "Crossing Borders" program ($20,000).

2001-02 - Ford Foundation Crossing Borders grant/program, Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley, for Second US-Mexico Conference on Mexican-California Migration ($20,000)

2001-02 - California State Library (LSTA program) grant to California Center for the Book and California Studies Association, for 14th Annual California Studies Conference ($33,000)

2001-02 - Institute for Labor and Employment (UC) grant for Conference on Migration Policy and Research to Center for Labor Research and Education (Katie Quan) ($15,000)

2002 - John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Spring 2002 ($35,000)

2002-03 - National Science Foundation Doctoral dissertation grant for Greig Guthey (BCS-0202093) ($8,827)


1976 - "The Economic Geography of Energy Extravagance." Conference on Energy and the Future, sponsored by the Lyndon Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, March 22.

1977 - "Suburbanization in Crisis," at Conference on Urban Political Economy, sponsored by American Sociological Association and UCSC, Division of Social Sciences, Santa Cruz, April 8-10.

1977 - "The Transformation of the 19th to the 20th Century American City Form: The Crisis of the Old Order and the Birth of the New," Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, April 26.

1977 - "Mid-Nineteenth Century Urban Transformation the Origins of Suburbanization," Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University, and Department of Architecture and Planning, UCLA Vancouver, April 6 and Los Angeles, June 17.

1978 - "Erosion of the Clean Air Act" and co-chaired panel, Ecology and Socialism at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New Orleans, April 10.

1978 - "The Process of Suburbanization," Conference on the Production of Space in Capitalist Society, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA, Los Angeles, May 12-13.

1979 - "Energy and Long Swings in U.S. Development," and organizer, panels on National Resource and Environment and Regional Growth and Decline in the U.S. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, April 23.

1979 - "Performance Regulation and Industrial Siting: The Dow Incident in California," Conference on the Role of Policy Analysis in the Education of Planners at Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies, Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 11. (with Michael Storper)

1980 - "Land Use Control Reform and the Quiet Revolution in Residential Land Development," Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Louisville, April 14.

1980 - "Land Use Control Reform: Quiet Revolution for Whom?" Departments of Geography, Ohio State University and UCLA, Columbus April 11 and Los Angeles May 2.

1980 - "New Directions in Industrial Location Theory", Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California, May 1.

1980 - Participant at Anglo-American Workshop on Industrial Geography, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Social Science Research Council (UK) and the Association of American Geographers, Chapel Hill, N.C., Sept. 22-25.

1981 - "Water development in California," Union of Radical Political Economists Western Regional Meeting, Berkeley, February 13.

1981 - "Post-industrialism and liberal reform in the city: a critique", session on Geographic Thought and Geographical Knowledge, Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Los Angeles, April 20.

1981 - "Nineteenth century suburbanization in the United States" at Washington, D.C. Area Economic History Seminar, American University, May 22.

1981 - "Capital and industrial location", Conference on New Perspectives on the Urban Political Economy, American University, Washington DC, May 22-24.

1981 - Lecturer and panel member on "Water in California: political and environmental issues" University of California Extension Weekend Course, March 14-15.

1981 - "Labor, technology and industrial location", Department of Rural Sociology, Cornell University, September 18.

1981 - "Labor demand, technological change and industrial location: a framework", Regional Science Assoc. conference, Montreal, November 15.

1981 - Participant at Conference on Competition for California’s Water: Alternative Resolutions, Berkeley, CA June 14-15 and Asilomar, California, September 30-October 2.

1982 - "Labor and Industrial Location," Department of Economics, University of California, Riverside. November 18.

1983 - "Marxism and Geography", Third Commemorative Lecture, Dept. of Geography, California State University, Hayward. February 2.

1983 - Participant at International Colloquium on Pesticides and Worker Health, Ministry of Health, Havana, Cuba. February 14-17.

1983 - "The theory of labor and the theory of location," Dept. of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara. April 20.

1983 - "The illusion of effluent charges," Association of American Geographers Annual Meetings, Denver, April 25.

1984 - "Reclamation to Reformation," lecture in California Water Currents Series, UC Berkeley campus, March 14.

1984 - "Developments in Radical Geography" at Conference on the City, Urban Ideologies, Politics and Culture, UC Santa Cruz, Kresge College, March 3.

1984 - "Is There a Service Economy: Changes in the Division of Labor" for Kapitalistate Seminar Series, UC Berkeley, March 28.

1984 - "Technical Change, Industrial Location and Urban Growth," 25th International Congress of Geography, Symposium on "Les Grandes Metropoles Mondiales," Paris, August.

1984 - "Is There a Service Economy," The Open University, Milton Keynes, England, Oct. 4.

1984 - "Class Formation and Geography," Urban and Regional Studies Program, University of Sussex, Sept. 16.

1985 - "Technical Determination in Industrial Location" and "The Human Rights and Educational Situation in El Salvador," Association of American Geographers Annual Meetings, Detroit, April.

1986 - "Technical change and location theory", School of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State Univ., April 28

1986 - "Automation and industrial location", presented to Conference on High Technology Industries and Regional Development, Churchill College, Cambridge UK, June 23-25

1987 - "Machinery and labor in relation to industrial geography" and "Industrial clusters of the Bay Area," Association of American Geographers Annual Meetings, Portland, April.

1987 - "The production of industrial growth: dynamic competition, price theory and growth trajectories", Dept. of Economics, UCB, May 1.

1987 - "The organization of production systems", Department of Geography, University of Minnesota, April 3.

1987 - "Urbanization and industrialization" Dept. of Planning, Cleveland State Univ., April 6.

1987 - "Technological change and regional industrialization" Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Ohio State University, April 7.

1987 - "The organization of production systems", Regional Research Inst. and Dept. of Geography, West Virginia Univ., April 9.

1987 - "The geographical organization of production systems" at seminar on Changing Labour Process and New Forms of Urbanization, Samos, Greece, August 31-Sept 5.

1987 - "Technology and industrial location" Conference of the American Collegiate Society of Planners, Los Angeles, November 5-7.

1987 - "The stock market crash of 1987: causes, consequences and cures" panel debate, 11/24/87, UC Berkeley.

1987 - "The sick service economy" in session on The Structural Crisis in World Capitalism and "Value, price and the production of growth" in session on Trends in Marxist Social Theory at the West Coast Marxist Scholars Conference, UC Berkeley, Nov. 12-15.

1988 - "American capitalism in the post-Reagan years" panel debate UC Berkeley, March 24, 1988.

1988 - "The Reagan legacy in foreign policy", "What’s left to do? Theses on a flyer-back", and Organized double session called "What’s left to do?" Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Phoenix, 6-9 April.

1988 - Tour of Silicon Valley given to class of Dr. P.H. Pellenbarg, Dept. of Geography, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, May 4.

1988 - California Studies Advisory Roundtable on "Community restructuring in California," Center for California Studies, CSU-Sacramento, May 26

1988 - "Geographical industrialization" Department of Geography, Syracuse Univ., October 24

1988 - "The inconstant geography of capitalism" Dept. of Planning, and "Technology and geographical industrialization," Dept. of Rural Sociology, Cornell Univ., October 25.

1988 - "Geographical industrialization," ACSP Annual Conference, Buffalo NY, October 26

1988 - "Geographical organization of production," Dept. of Geography, SUNY-Buffalo, Oct. 27.

1988 - "The inconstant geography of capitalism," Department of Geography, Univ. of Toronto, Oct. 30.

1988 - "The industrialization of California," California Studies Seminar, Inst. of Govt. Relations, UCB, Nov. 30.

1989 - "The process of geographical industrialization" Department of Sociology, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Feb. 24.

1989 - Three lectures as Ida Beam Visiting Professor, Univ. of Iowa, February 27- Mar. 3.

1989 - Organized sessions on "Regional development theory reconsidered", "The changing face of capitalism", "Technology and regional industrialization" and "Industrialization and regional development in the American past" Association of American Geographers meetings, March 19-22. 1989. Chaired sessions on "Regional development theory reconsidered" and "Industrialization and regional development in the American past"

1989 - "A dynamic theory of value, price and profit" at AAG Annual Conference, March 19-22.

1989 - "Regulation, flexible specialization and the development of the forces of production" at Conference on Regulation, Innovation and Spatial Development, University of Wales, Cardiff, September 15.

1989 - "Regulation, flexible specialization and the dynamics of capitalist industrialization", at Geographical Institute, University of Copenhagen, October 6.

1989 - "The capitalist imperative: territory, technology and industrial growth", at Department of Geography, University of Roskilde, Denmark, October 13.

1989 - "The organization of production systems" at Workshop on Inter-Firm Relations, Institute of Geography and School of Business, University of Copenhagen, October 9.

1989 - "Technical-economic networks in regional development" at Institute for Regional Planning (INRO/TNO), Delft, Holland, October 27.

1989 - "New industrial spaces: California and beyond" at University of Amsterdam, October 27.

1989 - "The San Francisco Bay Area: Playground of US capitalism?", "The capitalist imperative" and "The political economy of California water" at School of Geography, Oxford University, November 21-23.

1989 - "The capitalist imperative" at Department of Geography, University of Bristol, November 24.

1990 - Panelist/speaker on "Master trends in California science, technology and finance" for Envisioning California Conference (California Studies Association), Sacramento, February 10.

1990 - Participant at Colloquium on "Pathways to Industrialization and Regional Development in the 1990s", Lake Arrowhead, SAUP, UCLA, March 14-18.

1990 - "Speculative urbanization in Silicon Valley" (w/ T. Sturgeon) and discussant, "Agricultural development and agrarian politics", at AAG Annual Conference, April 22-25.

1990 - "Geographical industrialization and territorial growth" at Department of Geography, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, May 4.

1991 - "Regulation, flexible specialization and the current industrial divide", American Collegiate Society of Planners, Annual Conference, Austin TX, November 3.

1991 - "Is the Golden Age Over? The California Economy" panel discussion, California Studies Association Annual Conference, Sacramento, Feb. 8.

1991 - "Geographical industrialization versus industrial location", Transportation Science Seminar, Transportation Engineering Department, UCB, April 5.

1991 - "Authors meet their critics: The Capitalist Imperative", AAG, Annual Conference, Miami, April 14.

1991 - "The playground of US capitalism?" Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Miami, April 15.

1991 - Chair and discussant for additional sessions of AAG Annual Conference, Miami, April 14.

1991 - Discussant, lecture by R. Brenner on "Recent theories of post-war growth and crisis", Center for Social History and Comparative Research, UCLA, April 22.

1991 - "The capitalist imperative: the process of geographical industrialization", Sociology Workshop, Center for Comparative Research, UC Davis, May 10.

1991 - Participant, Symposium on "Technology, Industrial Organization and Spatial Development," St. Peter’s College, Oxford, July 7-8.

1991 - Participant, Conference on "The Environmental Crisis: Voice from the Front Lines," USC, August 23-25.

1992 - "Political Economy of California," Center for California Studies, CSU-Sacramento, January 27.

1992 - Chair and Commentator, Panel on "California’s Economy After Aerospace," California Studies Conference, Sacramento, February 7.

1992 - "California Politics: System under Siege," Western Political Science Association meetings, San Francisco, March 20.

1992 - "Reason and Realism: A Defense," Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, San Diego, April.

1992 - Chair, Organizer and Discussant for additional sessions of AAG Annual Conference, San Diego, April 19-22.

1992 - Chair and Organizer, Panel on "The Downturn in the World Economy - Cyclical or Structural? Worldwide or Regional," UCLA, April 25.

1992 - Co-organizer of series of six lectures and six discussions under the overall title, "From Castile to California" (Columbia Quincentennial), including such speakers as Patricia Limerick, Frederick Wakeman, and Earl Pomery.

1992 - Lecture on "the new geography of the global economy" at Iowa State, series on "The New Economic Order," Institute on World Affairs, November 3.

1993 - Chair and panelist on "Industrial policy and economic recovery in California" at California Studies Conference, Sacramento, February 6.

Discussant, panels on "Explanation in economic geography" and "The geography of the American state," Association of American Geographers Annual Meetings, Atlanta, April 7 and 9.

1993 - Talk on "Four ecologies of residence in the Bay Area", session entitled "Setting the scene: rethinking urban landscapes." AAG Annual Meetings, Atlanta, April 9.

1993 - Special Session on The New Social Economy by Sayer and Walker, AAG, Atlanta, April 10.

1993 - Chair, Session on "Verbal and visual representations of space," Western Humanities Conference, "Remapping Cultural Space: The New Geographies," Stanford University, October 14-16.

1993 - Lecture on "California rages against the dying of the light" at Conference on "California: Economía, Politica y Sociedad," CISAN, UNAM, Mexico City, October 26.

1993 - Lecture on "Bay area landscape: four ecologies of residence" at annual conference of the American Collegiate Society of Planners, Philadelphia, Oct. 29.

1994 - Speaker, panel on "Edge City: Suburb or New City," California Studies Conference, Oakland Museum, February 10.

1994 - Field trip leader, Downtown Oakland, California Studies Conference, February 12.

1994 - Lecture on "Landscape and city life in the Bay Area," Department of Geography, University of Washington, Seattle, March 4.

1994 - Field trip leader to Silicon Valley, Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, San Francisco, March 29.

1994 - Discussant, panels on "Historians and geographers look at the city," and "Making Sense of Industrial Districts," Association of American Geographers Annual Meetings, San Francisco, March 31 and April 1.

1994 - Panelist, "Suppression of dissent in geography," Association of American Geographers Annual Meetings, San Francisco, April 2.

1994 - Lecture to class from the University of Groningen, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, April 6, and organized local field trips for them.

1994 - Lecture on "Edgy Cities, Technoblurbs, and Simulacrumbs: Depthless Utopias and Dystopias on the Sub-Urban Fringe" at UCLA Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, Los Angeles, April 11.

1994 - Organized campus lecture: Daniel Singer, "The Future of Socialism," April 14.

1994 Paper presented with Brian Page, "Staple lessons: agriculture, resource industrialization and economic geography" Harold Innis Symposium on Regions, Institutions and Technology," Croft Chapter House, University College, University of Toronto, Sept 23-24.

1994 - Lecture on "An appetite for the city: the curious case of San Francisco". Symposium on "Denaturalized Urbanity: Exploring the Connection between the Physical and Cultural Landscapes of Contemporary American Cities and the Spatialities of Race, Gender and Ethnicity," Harvard School of Design, October 7-8.

1994 - Lecture at Conference on "Dividing California", Hayward State University and Center for California Studies, State Capitol Building, Sacramento, Nov. 16.

1994 - Paper presented, "No Exit: Immigration and the Two Californias" at Conference on "Immigration: The Panic and the Promise in the US and Mexico" Cal State University, San Marcos, San Diego, Nov. 18-19.

1995 - Organized and chaired panel on "The rise and fall of California’s military economy", California Studies Conference, "Rumors of Peace", Sacramento, February 2-4.

1995 - Panel at symposium, "Displacing Borders," American Studies program, UC Berkeley, Feb. 13.

1995 - Presented paper "Beyond Fordism in Agriculture"; on two author meets critics panels, one on R. Beauregard’s Voices of Decline and one on S. Hanson and G. Pratt Gender, Work and Space; discussant for session on "working class consciousness and cultures of solidarity". Association of American Geographers annual meetings, Chicago, March 14-18.

1995 - Panelist on "US-Mexico Relations in an era of turmoil" Northern California Political Science Association meetings, San Francisco State University, May 13.

1995 - Discussion paper, "Agro-food systems and industrial restructuring", for Workshop on the Political Economy of the Agro-Food System, Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley, Sept. 28-30. (with Brian Page)

1995 - Lecture, "Putting Capital in its place: prospects for labor organizing in California", for Workshop on LAMAP, Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, School of Public Policy and Social Research, UCLA, October 19.

1996 - California Studies Conference

1996 - Presented paper "Beyond the Crabgrass Frontier: Industry and Suburban Expansion, 1850-1950"; and discussant on panel "Unnatural Resources: Rural

1996 - Restructuring in the Postwar US". Association of American Geographers annual meetings, Charlotte, NC, April 9-13.

1996 - Discussant, panel on ‘Patterns of work organization’ symposium on Challenges to Labor, Center for Western European Studies, UC Berkeley, March 22.

1996 - UCB-IAS Dissertation Workshop on Research and Social Action, Sonoma, September 13 -15.

1996 - Lectures on "The puzzle of place, or capitalism in one city: San Francisco" at Depts. of Geography, Syracuse University, Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University, October 16, 21 and 22.

1996 -Chaired Closing Plenary Session at conference, "Labor in the Global Economy, Working in the Americas", Center for Labor Research, UC Berkeley, Nov. 22.

1996 - Lecture at Arizona, "The revolutionary road to (capitalist) globalization" Department of Geography, University of Arizona, Tucson, December 6.

1997 - Panelist for sessions on "Lie of the Land" and "The Future of Economic Geography", discussant for session on "Innovation in Local Production Complexes", Association of American Geographers Annual Meetings, Ft. Worth, TX, April 1-5.

1997 - Chair, Panel at Conference on "The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness", UC Berkeley, April 13.

1997 - "The Peoples and the Making of California" Public lecture at Cal Day 97, for the American Cultures Center, UCB, 100 Lewis Hall.

1997 - Panelist on The Global Economy and the Bay Area, City College of San Francisco, Campuswide Urban Forum, April 16.

1997 - "Regional Economics and Organizing," Educational Forum with the Building Trades, University of California, Berkeley, June 5.

1998 - Moderator & Panelist, forum on "Urban Planning, Development and Environmental Policy", UC-Cuba Conference, UCB March 20.

1998 - Presented paper, "Industry builds the city" All-UC Economic History Conference, Santa Clara University, March 21.

1998 - Association of American Geographers meetings: paper "California’s debt to nature", paper on "Reconsidering the service/manufacturing divide"; discussant, Session on Restructuring of Mature Economies, Boston, March 26-29.

1998 - Lectures at Oregon & OSU, "California’s Debt to Nature", May 12 and 14.

1998 - Lecture on "Class, gender and the division of labor", Workshop on Class and Gender in Post-Industrial Society, Center for Research on Women, Oslo, Norway, June 3-4. Lectures on "Labor in the global economy" at Department of Sociology & Geography, Oslo University, Oslo, June 5, and at The National Work Research Institute, Oslo, June 8.

1998 - Field trip leader, "Water in the Central Valley", Green & Gold: California Environments, Memories & Visions. UC Santa Cruz, August 1.

1998 - Discussant, Workshop on Violence and the Environment, Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley, September 24-26.

1999 - "California’s Debt to Nature", California Studies Dinner, January 21, UC Berkeley.

1999 - Chair, Session on "Maximizing Labor’s Role in Economic Development," Bay Area Labor Studies Seminars, Institute of Industrial Relations, UCB, March 18.

1999 - "Labor and Globalization", AAG Annual meetings, Honolulu, March 25.

1999 - "California’s Debt to Nature", Environmental History Society, Tucson AZ, April 15.

1999 - "California’s Debt to Nature", Ellen Churchill Semple Lecture, University of Kentucky, April 9. Also "Carl Sauer’s Brain", evening talk at Semple Dinner.

1999 - "Putting capital in its place", Institute of Industrial Relations, UCB, April 26.

1999 - "Declension of the White Republic: Bay Area Race Relations in the Postwar Era (A Comparison with Thomas Sugrue’s Detroit)", Keynote Address to Conference on "Unimagined Futures: The Racial Economy of Postwar California", Stanford University, May 21.

1999 - "Magical Realism: Silicon Valley and California Business Networks" and "Industrial Networks and Capitalist Regulation: Lessons from the New Industrial Geography" Visiting Lecturer, University of Frankfort, Germany, May 23-June 6.

1999 - "History of the Bay Area," lecture to Visiting Fellows, Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, September 27.

2000 - "Globalization and the Fate of Labor," Keynote address to Marcus Wallenberg Symposium on Critical Perspectives on Internationalization, Uppsala, Sweden, January 10-11.

2000 - "Silicon Valley and the New Economy," Lecture to Executive MBA International Business seminar abroad, UCB, April 3.

2000 - "Silicon Valley and the New Economy," Lecture to visiting class, University of Rapid Learning, Oslo, Norway, Fisherman’s Wharf, SF, May 8.

2000 - "The Country in the City," presentation to the Association of American Geographers annual meeting, Pittsburgh, March 24.

2000 - "Bennett Harrison: A Life Worth Living" and "Growing Surpluses, Dwindling Politics: Bluestone and Harrison’s Growing Prosperity," presentations to the Association of American Geographers annual meetings, Pittsburgh, March 26.

2000 - "California Agriculture," UC Davis, October 4.

2000 - "The Dot-Com Boom in San Francisco" to Department of Planning, and "California's Golden Road to Riches", Department of Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder, November 17.

2000 - "California's Golden Road to Riches" and "The Country in the City," University of Oklahoma, October 30 and 31.

2001 - "The Conquest of Bread: capitalism in the California countryside," UCSC, Agrarian Studies Forum, April 19.

2001 - Discussant, Workshop on Agricultural Biotechnology, Institute of International Studies UC Berkeley, May 5.

2001 - "The Conquest of Bread: How Capitalism Developed California Agribusiness, 1850-2000", Centre for the Study of the United States , The Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto, University of Toronto, October 12.

2002 - "Silicon Valley Dreaming: Class Aspirations, Class Realities in the New/Old California Economy", session on Labor in Silicon Valley, annual meetings of the American Historical Association, San Francisco, January 6.

2002 - "Photography as Geography", for panel titled Reproduction Redux: The Nature of Photography in the Digital Age, part of the Everyday Constellations photographic exhibit at the Townsend Center, UC Berkeley, Feb. 6.

2002 - AAG sessions, March 20-23: "The Conquest of Bread: 150 Years of California Agribusiness" session on California Agriculture.

Panelist, Author Meets the Critics, on Joseph Nevins', Operation Gatekeeper: The Rise of the Illegal Alien and the Making of the U.S.-Mexico Boundary.

"Lower Robertson to Culver City", Postcards from LA Session.

Panelist, session on "Hands on Learning and Teaching Urban Geography".

Discussant, session on Geographies of Work.

Panelists, session on "David Harveys' Limits to Capital After Twenty Years".

2002 - Chair, organizing committee, Second Colloquium on International Migration: Mexico-California, for California Studies Center, UCB,. March 28-30.

2002 - Panelist and speaker, Symposium on California's Global Importance, Global Studies Program, CSUMB, Ft. Ord., April 9.

2002 - "The Country in the City: The Natural History of Urbanism in the San Francisco Bay Area", invited paper at History of the American West: A Symposium in Honor of Bill Robbins, Oregon State University, Corvallis, April 19-20.

2002 - "The Conquest of Bread: How Capitalism Developed California Agribusiness, 1850-2000", American Studies Spring Colloquium, May 3.

2002 - Moderator for Panel on 'Rethinking Palestine and the Israeli Occupation', IIS, UC Berkeley campus, May 8.

2002 - Organizer, Northern California Migration Research Collaborative.



California Studies Association (on Board of Directors)

Association of American Geographers

Union of Radical Political Economists

Conference of Socialist Economists

1989-91 - Councillor, SG Specialty Group, AAG

1991-92 - Urban Geography SG Dissertation Proposal Award Committee


1999-0x - Editorial Board, Antipode.

1991-99 - Editor, Antipode.

1981-90 - Editorial Board, Antipode.

2000 - Advisory Board, ACME , on-line Geography journal.

Manuscript Reviews for Publishers and Journals: c. 10 per year.

Proposal Reviews for Funding Agencies: c. 3 per year

Conference organizing

1983-1984 - Coordinating Committee, Project on Alternatives to the Cold War, UC Berkeley.

1989 - Planning Committee, California Studies Conference, sponsored by Center for California Studies, CSU Sacramento and Inst. of Governmental Studies, UCB. February 9-11, 1989.

1990 - Co-organizer of Conference on "Networks of Innovators", Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciale, Montreal. May 2-3. (w/ C. DeBresson and F. Amesse, CREDIT-Université de Québec a Montréal).

1999 - Chair, Organizing Committee, Annual California Studies Association Conference ("California Since the Sixties"), UCB, Feb. 4-6, 1999.

2001 - Program Committee, California Studies Conference XIII, "Outgrowing California," Oakland Museum of California, February 6-8.

2002 - Conference Committee, California Studies Conference XIII, Dana Point, Feb. 22-25, 2002



1978-1982 - Faculty Panel, Conservation and Natural Resources Major

1978-1987 - Graduate Group in Demography

1977- - Research Associate, Institute of Urban and Regional Development

1979-1989 - Chair, Executive Board, Cal-in-Berkeley Program

1983- - Faculty Advisory Board, Graduate Program in Ethnic Studies

1983- - Faculty panel, Peace and Conflict Studies

1987 - Organized/sponsored visit of Dr. Harold Wolpe as Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecturer (attached to Department of Geography)

1990- -Chair, California Studies Seminar (joint UC-CSU-Community College)

1991-92 - L&S Honors Committee

1991-92 - Special Action Admissions Committee (Undergraduate)

1993- -American Studies Board

1994- -Sauer Memorial Lecture Committee

1994-1997 - American Cultures Sub-committee

1994- - McCone Hall Program and Building Committees

1994- - McCone Fundraising Committee

1994- -Member of Advisory Committee for the Environmental Sciences Major

1995-1997 - Student Conduct Committee, Chair (1995-97)

1996- -Labor Center Advisory Board, Institute of Industrial Relations

1997- American Cultures Advisory Board

1997-98 - Bancroft Award Selection Committee

Affiliated Faculty, Ethnic Studies

1999-00 - Liu Fellowship Committee, Center for Chinese Studies

Kevin Starr California Studies Fellowship Committee, UC Systemwide

2000- Chair, California Studies Center, Institute of Industrial Relations

Advisory Committee on California Cultures Project, California Digital Archive (On-Line Library)


1979-1982 - Undergraduate Advisor

1988-1989 - Chair, Undergraduate Advising Committee, Geography

1988-1989 - Computer Committee

1989 - -Chair, Planning and Curriculum Committee, Geography

1989 - -Chair, Search Committee (for Prof. Manz)

1990- -Graduate Advisor (Chair)

1989- -Organizer of Tea Talks (Weekly Departmental Seminars)

1991-1994 - Chair, Graduate Admissions Committee

1994-1999 - Department Chair


Doctoral Dissertations Chaired


Ellen Liebman, Geography: "The Evolution of Large Agricultural Landholdings in California"

Marshall Feldman, Arch & Urban Planning, UCLA: "Class and the Journey to Work: The Case of the San Francisco Bay Area" (2nd reader, but functioned as chair, in effect)


Michael Storper, Geography: "The Spatial Division of Labor: Technology, the Labor Process and the Location of Industries"


Michael Heiman, Geography: "Regional Planning and Land Use Reform for Conservation and Development in New York State"


Kristin Nelson, Geography: "Back Offices and Female Labor Markets: Office Suburbanization in the San Francisco Bay Area" (won prize as best dissertation in Urban Geography, at the AAG Convention, 1985)


Douglas Greenberg, Geography: "Growth and conflict at the suburban fringe: the case of the Livermore-Amador valley"


Mary Beth Pudup, Geography: "Land before coal: class and regional development in southeast Kentucky" (finalist for Nystrom Award as best Geography Dissertation)


Carmen Concepcion, DCRP: "Environmental Policy and Industrialization: The Politics of Regulation in Puerto Rico"

Robert Rice, Geography: "Transforming Agriculture: The Case of Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Renovation in Southern Nicaragua"


George Henderson, Geography: "Regions and Realism: Social Space, Regional Transformation, and the Novel in California, 1882-1924"

Joshua Muldavin, Geography: "China’s Decade for Rural Reforms: The Impact of Agrarian Change on Sustainable Development"


Deborah Santana Berman, Geography: "Kicking Off the Bootstraps: Environment, Development, and Community Power in Puerto Rico"

Brian Page, Geography: "Agro-Industrialization and Rural Transformation: The Restructuring of Midwestern Meat Production"


Martine Kraus, Geography: "A Comparative Study of the Development and Regulation of Biotechnology in Germany and the United States"


Jinn-yuh Hsu, Geography: "A Late-Industrial District? Learning Networks in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, Taiwan"


Gray Brechin, Geography: "Imperial San Francisco: The Environmental Impact of Urban Elites Upon the Pacific Basin"

Sharon Grace Johnson, Geography: "Oaks at the Edge: Land Use Change in the Foothill Woodlands of the Central Sierra Nevada, California"

Florence Gardner, Geography: "Redefining Flexibility: How Temporary and Contract Work Are Changing Employment Relations"


Victoria Randlett, Geography: "Atomic Oasis: Las Vegas in Its Golden Age, 1946-1958"

Tim Sturgeon, Geography: "Turn-Key Production Networks: Industry Organization, Economic Development, and the Globalization of Electronics Contract Manufacturing"


Elizabeth Lamoureux, Geography: " ‘I Can't Participate and Do What I Want:’ Female Labor Militancy in South Korea"

Daniel Buck, Geography: "Constructing China's Capitalism, Connecting Shanghai's Urban and Rural Industries"

Doctoral Dissertations Read


Okoro David Ogbonna (Hooson): "The Geographic Consequences of Petroleum in Nigeria"

Dennis Keating, City and Regional Planning (Montgomery): "Landlord Self-Regulation: New York City’s Rent Stabilization System"


Jaime Kooser, Geography (Pred): "Regulation and Systems Interdependence: Effects on the Siting of California Electrical Energy Facilities"

Nola Reinhardt, Economics: "The Impact of Economic Development on Family Farming in El Palmar, Colombia, 1890-1978"

James Devine, Economics (Reich): "Overinvestment and Cyclical Economic Crises"


Susanna Hecht, Geography (Sternberg): "Cattle Ranching Development in the Eastern Amazon: Evaluation of a Development Policy"


Susan Christopherson, Geography (Pred): "Family and Class in a New Industrial City: Ciudad Juarez"

David Wilmoth, City and Regional Planning (Teitz): "The Determinants of National Urban Policy in the United States"

Aviva Lev-Ari, Geography (Pred): "Corporate Growth and Locational Interdependence: Observations on the Production, Location, Merger Activity and Organizational Structure of American Paper Companies"


Marc Weiss, City and Regional Planning (Montgomery): "Community Builders vs. Curbstoners: The American Real Estate Industry and Urban Land Use Policy"

Erica Schonberger, City and Regional Planning (Markusen): "Foreign Manufacturing Investment in the United States"


Frank Kramer, Ag & Reso. Economics (DeJanvry): "Market incorporation and outmigration of the peasants of Western Honduras"

Abdi Samatar, Interdisciplinary (Watts): "The State, Peasants and Pastoralists: Agrarian Change and Rural Development in Northern Somalia, 1884-1984"


Amy K. Glasmeier, DCRP (Markusen): "The structure, location and role of high technology industries in US regional development"

Gary M. Shaw, Public Health (Winkelstein): "A comparison of techniques used for the detection of spatial and temporal-spatial disease clustering"

Judith Carney, Geography (Watts): "The social history of Gambian rice production: an analysis of food shortages"

Philip Shapira, City and Regional Planning (Markusen): "Industry and jobs in transition: a study of industrial restructuring and worker displacement in California"

Flavia Martinelli, DCRP (Teitz): "Producer Services in a Dependent Economy: The case of the Mezzogiorno"


Gokhan Capoglu, Economics (Ward): "Prices, profits and financial structures: A post-Keynesian approach"


Caroline Tauxe, Anthropology (Potter): "Economic development and social change in North Dakota boom towns"

Soon Kyoung Cho, Sociology (Burawoy): "How Cheap is ‘Cheap Labor’? The Dilemmas of Export-led Industrialization"

Shaunna Scott, Anthropology (Potter): "Where there is no middle ground: community and class consciousness in Harlan County, Ky."

Miriam Dobkin, Geography (Pred): "Biography formation and daily life in a frontier city: the joint constitution of society and subjects in San Francisco, 1848-58"


Daniel Sicular, Geography (Reed): "Scavengers and the Development of Solid Waste Management in Indonesian Cities"


Scott Campbell, DCRP (Hall): "Cold War Metropolis: Postwar Development and Economic Policy in West Berlin"

Gwo-Shyong Shieh, Sociology (Gold): "Manufacturing Bosses: Subcontracting Networks under Dependent Capitalism in Taiwan"


Patrick Creegan, Civil Engineering (Monismith): "The Uses and Potentials for Use of Asphalt in Embankment Dams and Elements of Embankment Dams"


Roderick Neumann, Geography (Watts): "The Social Origins of Natural Resource Conflict in Arusha National Park, Tanzania"

James Proctor, Geography (Pred): "The Owl, the Forest and the Trees: Eco-Ideological Conflict in the Pacific Northwest"

Greg Hise, Architecture: "The Roots of the Postwar Urban Region: Mass Housing and Community Planning in California, 1920-1950"


Richard Schroeder, Geography (Watts): "Shady Practice: Gender and the Political Ecology of Resource Stabilization in Gambian Garden/Orchards"

Rebecca Skinner, DCRP: "Developmental Characteristics and Spatial Formations in the Commercialization of Knowledge-Based System Shells, 1975-1991"

Katharyne Mitchell, Geography (Pred): "Facing Capital: Cultural Politics in Vancouver"

Roger Alexander Clapp, Geography (Watts): "The Forest at the End of the World: The Transition from Old-Growth to Plantation Forestry in Chile"

Michael Gelobter, ERG: "Race, Class and Outdoor Air Pollution: The Dynamics of Environmental Discrimination from 1970 to 1990"

Lisa Bornstein, DCRP: "Flexible Production in the Unstable State: The Brazilian Information Technology Industry"

Raphael Fischler, DCRP: "Standards of Development"


Krisna Suryanata, Geography: "Fruits of Change: Agroforestry, Land and Society in Upland Java"

Beth Cleary, Dramatic Arts: "‘Making the Gods’ Voices Yell’: Performing Theories of the Bread and Puppet Theatre"

Pat McGovern, DCRP: "Contra Costa County Edge Cities: The New Political Economy of Planning"

Susan Craddock, Geography: "Diseases on the Margin: Morphologies of Tuberculosis and Smallpox in San Francisco, 1860-1940"

Anîbal Yañez-Chavez, Latin American Studies: "Development and Crisis: Geographical Industrialization in Coahuila and Mexico-U.S. Economic Integration"

Anders Schneiderman, Sociology: "The Hidden Handout: Housing and the Rise and Fall of the U.S. Welfare State"


David Organ, Geography: "The Historical Geography of African American Frontier Settlement"

Carl Bauer, Jurisprudence and Social Policy: "Against the Current? Privatization, Markets, and the State in Water Rights: Chile, 1979-93"

Bimal Patel, DCRP: "The Space of Property Capital. Property Development and Architecture in Ahmedabad"

Elizabeth Vasile, Geography: "The Greening of Tunis: Ghettoization and the Prosaics of Piety"

Elizabeth Wheeler, Comparative Literature: "Unthinkable Cities: Kingston and Los Angeles"


David Igler, History: "Industrial Cowboys: Nature, Private Property, and Region in the Far West, 1850-1920"

Yuko Aoyama, DCRP: "From Fortress Japan to Global Networks: Locational Specificity of Globalization for the Japanese Electronics Industry in the 1990s"


Jehanbux Edulbehram, DCRP: "Polluting Prosperity: Regional Development and Environmental Degradation in the Thane-Belapur Region (Western India)"

Ted Egan, DCRP: "The Geography of Software"

Rachel Morello Frosch, Environmental Health Science: "Environmental Justice and California’s Riskscape: The Distribution of Air Toxics and Associated Health Risks Among Diverse Communities"


Leslie Salzinger, Sociology: "Gender Under Production: Constituting Subjects in Mexico’s Global Factories"


James McCarthy, Geography: "The Political and Moral Economies of Wise Use"

Scott Prudham, ERG: "Nature and the Fictitious Commodity in Oregon’s Douglas Fir Region"


Chris Benner, DCRP: "Navigating Flexibility: Labor Markets and Intermediaries in Silicon Valley"

Shawn Parkhurst, Interdisciplinary: "The Region in the Village: an Ethnography of the Local Production of Regionality in the Alto Douro of Northern Portugal"

Paul Sabin, History: "Petroleum Polity: Law and Politics in the California Oil Economy, 1900-1940"

Julie Guthman, Geography: "Agrarian Dreams? The Paradox of Organic Farming in California"

James Buckley, Architecture: "Building the Redwood Region: The Redwood Lumber Industry and the Landscape of Northern California, 1850-1929" (won the John Reps Prize from the Society of American City and Regional Planning History, the same prize Greg Hise received for his thesis)


Sharon Corwin, Art History: "Selling ‘America’: Precisionism and the Rhetoric of Industry, 1916-1939"

Luz Mena, Geography: "The Role of Race in the Modernization of Nineteenth-century Havana"

Brian Muller, DCRP: "Local Growth Strategy and the Transformation of Exurbia: The Central Valley of California, 1960-1996"

Jim Allen, Anthropology: "Forge and Falseworks: An Archaeological Investigation of the Russian American Company's Industrial Complex at Colony Ross"

Matt Zook, DCRP: "The Role of Regional Venture Capital in the Development of the Internet Commerce Industry: The San Francisco Bay Region and the New York Metropolitan Area"


Kate Davis, Geography: "Sardine Oil on Troubled Waters: The Boom and Bust of California's Sardine Industry, 1905 - 1955"

Jake Kosek, Geography: "The Political Life of Forests in Northern New Mexico"

Daryl Birkenfeld, GTU: "Agrarian Ethics and American Agricultural History"

Doctoral Orals Committees


Susanna Hecht, Geography; Marshall Feldman, SAUP, UCLA


Karen Tsao, Geography; David Ogbonna, Geography; Jaime Kooser, Geography; Roger Miller, Geography


Iris Priestaf, Geography; Paul Groth, Geography; Maureen Budetti, Geography; Nancy Laswell, Geography; Douglas Greenberg, Geography; Tisna Veldhuyzen van Zanten, Geography; David Wilmoth, City and Regional Planning ; Ellen Liebman, Geography


James Devine, Economics; Charles Rosenberg, Agricultural Economics; Frank Kramer, Agricultural Economics; Susan Christopherson, Geography; Maureen Budetti (reexamination); Janet DePree, Geography


Michael Heiman, Kristin Nelson, Michael Storper, Geography; Curtis Dowds, Agricultural Economics; Jaime Biderman, Economics; Juan Leos-Rodriguez, Agricultural Economics; Thomas Bassett, Geography


Merle Weiner, Sociology; Marc Weiss, City and Regional Planning; Clemente Polo, Economics; Curtis Dowds, Agricultural Economics (reexamination); Jean-Jacques Dethier, Agricultural Economics;


Clemente Polo, Economics (reexamination); Flavia Martinelli, City and Regional Planning; Philip Shapira, City and Regional Planning; Amy Glasmeier, City and Regional Planning; Laura Fenster, School of Public Health; Abdi Samatar, Interdisciplinary; Sonia Barrios, City and Regional Planning; Mary Beth Pudup, Geography; Erica Schonberger, City and Regional Planning; Gary Pivo, City and Regional Planning


Marjorie Dobkin, Geography; Carolyn Tauxe, Anthropology; Ron Weil, Interdisciplinary; Ann Vandeman, Agricultural and Resource Economics; Suha Ulgen, School of Architecture & Urban Planning, UCLA; Shauna Scott, Anthropology


Mary McDonald, Geography; George Leddy, Geography; Robert Rice, Geography; Gokhan Capoglu, Economics; Robert Argenbright, Geography; Miriam Dobkin, Geography


Gary Shaw, Public Health; Daniel Sicular, Geography


Whitney Jones, Geography; Tom Howard, Geography


Lucy Jarosz, Geography; James Davis, Entomology; Scott Campbell, City and Regional Planning; Carmen Concepcion, City and Regional Planning; Howard Pinderhughes, Sociology; Michael Gelobter, Energy and Resources; Joshua Muldavin, Geography; Arantxa Rodriguez, Geography; Guo Shyong Shieh, Sociology


Brian Page, Geography; Roderick Neumann, Geography; Elizabeth Vasile, Geography; Tad Mutersbaugh, Geography; Alex Clapp, Geography; George Henderson, Geography


Bimal Patel, DCRP; Pat Creegan, Civil Engineering; Katharyne Mitchell, Geography; Eric Hirsch, Geography; Deborah Berman, Geography; Leslie Salsinger, Sociology; Jim Proctor, Geography; Rick Schroeder, Geography; Lisa Bornstein, DCRP; Greg Hise, Architecture


Jeff Manza, Sociology; Susan Craddock, Geography; Young Min Yun, Sociology


David Organ, Geography; Beth Cleary, Dramatic Arts; Martine Kraus, Geography; Pat McGovern, DCRP


Shawn Parkhurst, Social and Cultural Studies/School of Education; Rakesh Bhandari, Ethnic Studies; Chuck Schmitz, Geography (Chair); Anders Schneidermann, Sociology


Mark O’Malley, Geography (Chair); Ted Egan, DCRP; James Buckley, Architecture; Marguerite El-Shahid, DCRP; Florence Gardner, Geography; Victoria Randlett, Geography; Abubakar Bankole (Chair), Geography


David Smethurst, Geography; James Allan, Anthropology; Peter Walker (Chair), Geography; Tim Sturgeon, Geography; Amy Ross, Geography; Jinn-Yu Hsu, Geography; Jehanbux Edulbehram, DCRP; Brian Folk, Sociology


Sharon Corwin, Art History; James McCarthy, Geography; William Boyd, ERG; Scott Prudham, ERG; Chico Miller, DCRP; Kathy McAfee, Geography; Abubakar Bankole, Geography


Luz Mena, Geography; Sandra Smith, History; Julie Guthman, Geography; Kathy Johnson, Geography; Daryl Birkenfeld, GTU; Gray Brechin, Geography


Chris Benner, DCRP; Jennifer Gold, History; Dan Buck, Geography; Elisabeth Lamoureux, Geography; Kurt Spreyer, ESPM; Kevin Muller, Art History; Louise Nelson, History; Sandy Nichols, Geography; Jake Kosek, Geography; Kate Davis, Geography


Matthew Zook, DCRP; Andy Johnston, Arch History; Melani Cammett, Political Science; Jen Sokolove, ESPM


Lisbet Simmons, Education; Andrew Johnston, Architecture; Nari Rhee; Geoff Mann, ESPM; Greig Guthey; Rachel Sherman, Sociology; Caroline Arnold, Political Science


Chris Agee, History; Larissa Miller; Malcolm Fairbrother, Sociology

Masters’ Theses Chaired


Maureen Budetti, Geography: "The Geographical Significance of Man-Made Lakes in Africa"


Michael Storper, Geography: "Toward a Non-Spatial Theory of Location"


Linda Hershkovitz, Geography: "Geography and Imperialism: The Royal Geographical Society at the Back Door to China"


Deborah Polhemus, Geography: "Capital, State and Labor: Agricultural Laborers and their Organizations in Central Chile"


Mary Beth Pudup, Geography: "Packers and Reapers, Merchants and Manufacturers: Industrial Structuring and Location in an Era of Emergent Capitalism"


Marc Espinet, Geography: "Creating a Middle Landscape: Open Space Ideology and Practice in Urban America"


Joan Cardellino, Geography: "Industrial Location: A Case Study of the California Fruit and Vegetable Canning Industry, 1860-1984"

Daniel Sicular, Geography: "Currents in the Waste Stream: A History of Refuse Management and Resource Recovery in America"


Mireia Belil, Geography: "Subcontracting Networks: An Alternative Form of Capitalist Organization"

Marcia de Castro, Geography: "The Organization of Informal Production in Urban Economies"

Arantxa Rodriguez, Geography: "Crisis in theory and theories of crisis"


Jamie Grodsky, Geography: "The structure and evolution of international mining agreements: application to the potential development of deep-sea polymetallic sulfides"


Whitney Jones, Geography: "Analytical overview of the property development industry"

Joshua Muldavin, Geography: "The individual responsibility system: Present and future implications for agricultural sustainability"


Brian Page, Geography: "Cornbelt industrialization and urban growth: an historical geography of Wapello County, Iowa"


Béatrice Schwarz, Geography: "El Oro Con Patas: A Tale of Mismanaged Fisheries and Misguided Theories"


Tim Sturgeon, Geography: "The Origins of Silicon Valley: The Development of the Electronics Industry in the San Francisco Bay Area"

Mark O’Malley, Geography: "Divided But Not Conquered: Political Economy, Ideology, and Urban Development in Berlin, 1948-1990"


Florence Gardner, Geography: "Environmental Justice Organizing and Economic Change in the Southern United States: An Inquiry into the Limits of Theory"

Jorge Lizárraga, Geography: "Binational Agroindustry in Northwest Mexico: A Geography of the Mexico-US Fresh Product Trade"


Clement Lai, "Site of Contagion: The Racialization of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the Nineteenth Century"

Alexander Sasha Cole, "Industrial Districts and Development in the Third Italy: The Case of Cento"

Masters’ Theses Read


Angela Kucherenko, City and Regional Planning (Teitz): "A View of Neighborhood Transition"


Janet DePree, Geography (Pred): "The Wheelchair-bound: a time geographic perspective"

Marjorie Dobkin, Geography (Pred): "The Great Sand Park: the origin of Golden Gate Park"

Christopher McGee, Geography (Vance): "Colonial Organization and Regional Development: the American Southwest"


Annalee Saxenian, City and Regional Planning: "Silicon Chips and Spatial Structure: The Industrial Basis of Urbanization in Santa Clara County, California" (Markusen)


Barbara Brower, Geography: "Policy and Power: The Forest Service and the Range Sheep Industry in the Wind River Mountains" (Parsons)


Robert Argenbright, Geography (Hooson): "Bowman’s New World: World Power and Political Geography"

George Leddy, Geography (Watts): "Petroleum revenue, the state and agriculture in Venezuela"

Mary McDonald, "Rice in Hokkaido" establishment and persistence at Japan’s northern extreme" (Pred)


Wendy Fearing, Geography (Vance): "Industrialization and daily bread: bakeries and household provisioning in Oakland, 1880-1930"

Curt Denhart, DCRP (Teitz): "Steel cooperative: restructuring to survive"

Tom Howard, Geography (Parsons): "Agricultural land preservation in the Solano irrigation district"


Lucy Jarosz, Geography (Watts): "The traffic in women: buying and selling labor power in African contract farming"

Alex Clapp, Geography (Watts): "Representing reciprocity, reproducing domination: ideology and the labor process in Latin American contract farming"


Susan Craddock, Geography (Watts): "Rethinking Medical Geography: The Case of Women’s Health in India"

David Organ, Geography (Vance): "Truxton, Virginia, 1918-1921: The All-Black Town Phenomenon Re-Visited at a Critical Juncture in Its Evolution and Reconstruction of African-American Urban Historical Geography"


Fred Hertz, Geography (Pred): "Planning the Plowshares: Power and Decision-making in the Conversion of Military Bases for Civilian Use"


Charles P. Schmitz, Geography: "Agrarian Transformation in Egypt."


James McCarthy, Geography: "‘Escaping California’: the Uneven Development of New Rural Spaces in Northern Idaho"


Luz Mena, Geography: "Hybrid Modernity: Havana in the 1830’s and 40’s"


Jessica Teisch, ESPM: "The Drowning of Big Meadows: Nature, White Coal, and Corporate Power in California, 1880-1920"

1998 Mehendra Subba, DCRP: "Evaluation of the Impact of Urban Containment Policies on Urban Form"


Jesse Reynolds, ESPM: "Water Resources Development in Santa Clara Valley, California: Insights into the Human-Hydrologic Relationship"


Jenna Loyd, Geography: "Towards a Political Geography of Health: A Multi-Scalar Health Politics"


Natural resources and population

Water resources

Environmental pollution and regulation

Land development and land use conflicts (G)

Methodology in the social sciences (G)

The urbanization process (G)

Urban field study

Industrial location and regional development

California agriculture (G)

world resource problems (G)

US geo-economic history (G)

Open space and environmental preservation

Economic geography of the industrial world

The California miracle (G)

Philosophical and methodological issues in geography and social science (G)

California (American Cultures)

Economic geography (G)

The city and social theory (G)

Historical Geography of the US West (G)

Labor and globalization (G)

The city in California and the West


1978 - Organized conference on President Carter’s Urban Policy, as member of National Urban Policy Committee, Julia Morgan Center, Berkeley, California, April 29.

1980-present - Member, Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central American, U.C. Berkeley.

1980-1985 - National Secretary for Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America, an organization of over 600 faculty on over 200 campuses nationally.

1980 - Moderator, Panel on California Water Issues, sponsored by U.C. Sierra Club, U.C. Berkeley Campus, May 19.

1980 - Testimony presented on New Melones Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, Division of Water and Power Services, Department of Interior, Sacramento, July 17 (Written comments also submitted.)

1980 - Consultant, Public Interest Economics West and Citizens for a Better Environment, on financial condition of the State Water Project, Fall.

1980 - Debate on Peripheral Canal issue, Oceanic Society, San Francisco, October 15.

1981 - Co-organizer, Symposium on "El Salvador and U.S. Policy in the Region," Wheeler Auditorium, University of California, Berkeley, January 16.

1981 - Lecture on Peripheral Canal issue, Manufacturers Association of Santa Clara County, at invitation of Mayor Janet Gray Hayes of San Jose, February 11.

1981 - Lecture on Peripheral Canal issue, Sausalito Cruising Club, March 25.

1981 - Organizer, forum on "Central America and U.S. policy" (series of 5 lectures) sponsored by Geography and Economics, U.C. Berkeley, Spring.

1981 - Panel member, symposium on Peripheral Canal, Stanford University, May 27.

1981 - Lecture on Peripheral Canal issue, League of Conservation Voters, October 13, San Francisco.

1981 - Lecture on California water and agriculture, Hunger Day symposium, U.C. Berkeley, October 16.

1981 - Testimony on Financing of the State Water Project and reforms in financial policies at California legislative hearings on A.B. 2249, bill to reform state water policy, Los Angeles, December 4.

1981 - Lecture on Peripheral Canal, Chico State University, Chico, December 10.

1983 - Organizer, 8-member Faculty Delegation to Investigate Human Rights and Education in El Salvador. January. (for Faculty Committee for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America).

1983 - Co-organizer, Conference on Alternatives to the Cold War, UC Berkeley, June 2-4, (as member of Coordinating Committee, Project on Alternatives to the Cold War).

1983 - Panelist on US involvement in El Salvador, sponsored by Contra Costa Coalition Against US Intervention in El Salvador, Richmond, CA. June 11.

1983 - Organizer and Chair, Public Lecture by E.P. Thompson, on "Euromissiles: Issues of Peace in Europe," UC Berkeley, July 14, (as member of coordinating committee, Project on Alternatives to the Cold War).

1983 - Co-organizer, 9-Member Faculty Delegation to El Salvador and Nicaragua concerning human rights and education, August 23-September 4 (for Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador & Central America).

1983 - Co-organizer of public symposium on "Central America and the Cold War." Wheeler Auditorium, UC Campus. November 3 (as member of Coordinating Comm, Project on Alternatives to the Cold War).

1983 - Co-organizer of public lecture by Ernesto Cardenal, Minister of Culture of Nicaragua, Wheeler Auditorium, UCB Campus, December 5 (for Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America).

1984 - Organized faculty fact-finding tour of educational and human rights conditions in El Salvador and Nicaragua for 20 professors from around the nation, January 4-14 (for FACHRES-CA).

1984 - Workshop leader on water politics for "Growth Pains" conference, February 18, UC Berkeley campus.

1984 - Organized faculty fact-finding tour of educational and human rights conditions in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua for 17 faculty from colleges across the country, June 16-July 2, (for Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America).

1984 - Helped write and organize full-page ad in the New York Times, signed by over 1300 faculty nationwide, opposing US policy in Nicaragua (ad appeared October 30).

1985 - Member, Steering Committee, Faculty for Full Divestment, UC Berkeley, Spring (helped organized faculty petitions, faculty march on University Hall, report to counter UC Treasurer’s report, etc.).

1985 - Organized lecture by Reid Brody, former Asst. Attorney General of NY State, reporting on "Human Rights Violations by the Nicaraguan Contras," April 10.

1985 - Participated in debate on US policy in Central America, 2003 LSB, UC Berkeley, April 29.

1985 - Gave talk on "Location Trends in the Electronics Industry" to Conference on Labor Organizing in Silicon Valley, Redwood City, June.

1985 - Organized fact-finding tour of educational and human rights conditions in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala for 13 faculty nationwide, June 12-July 2 (for Faculty for Human Rights in El Salvador and Central America).

1985 - Faculty sponsor for Campaign for Economic Democracy Statewide Convention held at UC Berkeley, August 10-12.

1985 - Member of steering committee, Faculty for Full Divestment, UC Campus.

1986 - Lecture to Acalanes High School "Seminarts" class, Lafayette CA, April 2.

1986 - Organized forum on "US Global Policy: The Reagan Doctrine" on UC campus (with B. Burns, J. Rocamora, W. Gray and Y. Sadowski), April 29.

1986 - Public lecture on "Faculty organizing to change US Central America policy" at Portland State Univ., April 28.

1986 - Public lecture on "The Nicaraguan revolution and US foreign policy" at Miramonte High School, Orinda, May 14.

1986-1987 - Co-organized series of 9 public forums on "The Reagan Doctrine and US Policy in the Third World" on UC Campus, Fall 1986 to Spring 1987, including talks by Alexander Cockburn, Jonathon Marshall, Terri Karl, Michael Watts, Albert Fishlow, Stephen Ambrose, Edward Herman, Edmund Burke, Joel Beinin, Frank La Rue, Walden Bellow, Leon Wofsy, Pearl Marsh, et al.

1986 - Public lecture, "Policy before plumbing: water wars, water policy" for California Water Policy Group, UC Campus, October 13.

1987-88 - Member, Advisory Board, Humboldt Labor History Project.

1987 - Public lecture, "Decline and fall of Reagan’s Central America policy" at Chabot College, May 14 (for Prof. J. Brunn).

1987 - Public lecture on "Decline and fall of Reagan’s Central America policy" to Gray Panthers, North Berkeley Senior Center, March 3.

1987 - Helped compose and organize signature campaign for a full-page New York Times ad on US policy in Nicaragua, signed by approx. 1500 college faculty nationwide, April 6.

1987 - Co-organized public lecture by Nora Astorga, Nicaraguan Ambassador to the UN, on "Prospects for peace in Central America", March 19, UC Campus.

1987 - Co-organized public lecture by Robert White, former US ambassador to El Salvador on "The US and Central America: a troubled relation- ship" Nov 2, UC campus.

1988 - Organized public lecture by Prof. Marco Gandasegui, Director of Center for Latin American studies, Univ. of Panama, UC Campus, April 27.

1988 - Presentation of Bay Area Data Base at "Hands-on HyperCard" forum, organized by Library and Information Studies, International House, UCB, May 4.

1988 - "Origins of the California water crisis" to Engineering Students Pugwash, UCB, 9/27.

1988 - Co-organized West Coast FACHRES conference, August 19-20.

1988 - Organized public lecture by Daniel Siegal, Christic Institute, on "George Bush and the Contra Connection", Oct. 19.

1989 - Lecture on "The decline of the United States as an economic power" for Diablo International Resource Center Spring Lecture Series, Acalanes High School, Lafayette, May 30.

1989 - Participated in press conference on Pakistani-Afghani relations, Berkeley Marina Marriott, June 6, 1989 (representing UC faculty who had signed a petition on the same topic, signed by the Chancellor, among others).

1990 - Member of organizing committee, faculty senate initiative to sever relations with the weapons labs, Spring.

1990 - "The changing face of capitalism" to forum "Beyond the Cold War", Institute for the Study of Social Change, UCB, April 26.

1990 - "The political economy of the SF Bay Area" to monthly forum of Global Options (SF), May 20.

1990 - Organized protest ads in NY Times by UC Faculty over murder (by army death squad) of Dr. Myrna Mack, Guatemalan anthropologist and co-worker of Geography Department colleague, Beatriz Manz. September-October.

1990 - Short lecture on "Prospects for peace in the Middle East", Middle East Teach-In, UCB, November 14.

1990 - Lecture and panel on "The playground of US Capitalism: The political economy of the Bay Area" at the Women’s Building, San Francisco, December 6.

1991 - Chair, Faculty Peace Committee, UCB (formed at time of Iraq war), January-May.

1991 - Helped organize campus "teach-out" on the Gulf War, January 30.

1991 - Debate on "War in the Persian Gulf: Yes or No?" Haas Business School, UCB, February 13

1991 - Lecture on "The gulf war and the California economy", UNITAS Center, UCB, March 5.

1991 - Lecture on "The war in the Gulf" at Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland CA, March 24.

1991 - Organized statement signed by 250 faculty of west coast universities, "The Aftermath of War: Neither Peace nor Justice," (March-April) which appeared in The New York Times, April 18.

1991 - Lecture on "Political Economy of the Bay Area," North Berkeley Senior Center, August 8.

1991 - Lecture/panel on "The Politics of Water," Urban Habitat and Political Ecology Group, Women’s Building, SF, December 11.

1992/93 - Steering Committee and Annual Conference planning committee, California Studies Association.

1994 - Briefing session on California water for teachers creating a special water unit for Oakland Public Schools, August 18.

1995 - Talk on Visions for California 2000" to annual retreat, California Democratic Assembly Representatives, Davis, Feb. 8.

1995 - Advisory Board for Campaign for Responsible Technology.

1995 - Talk to California Fund for Children, Berkeley, CA on "California’s dilemmas", July 5.

1995 - Talk on "Putting capital in its place: the prospects for labor organizing in California " to Workshop on ‘How to Research Development Subsidy Abuse and Use Local Economy Policy to Promote Safer, More Democratic, Decent Jobs". South Bay Labor Council and California Network for a New Economy, San Jose, September 30.

1996 - Public lecture, "California under late capitalism", Socialist and Activist Day School, UC Berkeley campus, January 20.

1996 - Panelist, Mayor Brown’s San Francisco Economic Summit, San Francisco, April 16-17th.

1996 - Lecture on the Minimum Wage to San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco, May 7.

1996 - Lecture on the political roots of California Civil Rights Initiative (Prop 209), Tolman Hall, UC Berkeley, Sept. 28.

1996 - Training sessions (2) on California water for Oakland School District teachers, Chabot Science Center, Oakland, October 15 and 24.

1996 - Public address on Proposition 209 (California Civil Rights Initiative), Laney College Theater, October 28.

1997 - Public lecture on "Globalization and the Workplace" to the Foreign Affairs forum, Rossmoor, March 20.

1997 - Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, invited advisor to staff and board retreat, Redwood City. November 8,

1998 - Public talks on "Reclaiming SF" Modern Times Books, SF, January 23d, 1998 and Cody’s Books, Berkeley, April 28.

1998 - Lecture on "Globalization and Changing Property Markets in SF," Urban Removal, Urban Resistance in the Global Economy, New College of California, 6:00-8:30, April 23.

1998 - Member of the Economic Indicator Advisory Committee, Working Partnerships USA (project of the Santa Clara Central Labor Council and others).

1998 - Lecture on the Bay Area to Visiting Fellows, Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, October 2.

1998 - Lecture on California geography to teachers’ workshop..UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project New Teacher Institute Academic Year Follow up Meeting.. History Department, UC Berkeley, October 14.

1999 - "California: the Union State", address to the California Federation of Labor, Project 2000 Strategic Planning Session, Oakland, March 29.

1999 - (With Carol Zabin) "Making California a Good Place to Produce, Work and Live: Economic Policy Goals for a New Century," Working Paper, Center for Labor Education and Research, IIR, UCB, for California Federation of Labor, May 1, 1999 (Draft)

1999 - "The Bay Area economy", lecture to Bay Area Labor Left monthly forum, May 2, IIR, UCB.

1999 - Lecture on "Bay Area economic history" to Asian corporate executives, Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, September 28.

2000 - Panelist at Berkeley Planning Commission Workshop on "The Future of Main Street: E-Commerce, Corporate Chains, and Community Life," February 3, City Hall.

2000 - Panelist on "Inequality in Sonoma County", Third Annual Labor and Social Action Summer School, July 8, Sonoma State College.

2000 - Lecture on "California as a Borderland". California History Social Science Project, Summer Institute for California teachers, The Edges of History: Borderlands and Systems in Creation and Collision. July 18, History Dept, UC Berkeley.

2001 - "Labor Migration in the Global Economy," Campus Forum on Immigration Issues, January 23, Warren Hall

2001 - Interview about California Studies Conference on "Forum", KQED Radio, February 5.

2001 - "What's New About the New Economy?" Center for Political Education, Mission St, SF, February 20.

2001 - Interview on "the New Economy," for Sleeping Giant video collective, San Francisco, March 15.

2001 - "Capitalism in the California Countryside" and "What's New About the New Economy", Lectures at North Berkeley Senior Center, March 21 and 28.

2001 - "What's New About the New Economy?" Lecture at Applied Research Center, co-sponsored by EBASE (East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy). April 11.

2001 - "What's New About the New Economy?" Lecture to East Bay Chapter, Labor Party, South Berkeley Library, April 25.

2001 - Interview on "the industrial and urban decline of Clairemont, San Diego," for documentary video "Cul-de-Sac", May 2.

2001 - "What's New about the New Economy?" Lecture to Bay Area Labor Left group, Institute of Industrial Relations, UC-Berkeley, June 10.

2001 - "Illusions of the New Economy," Public lecture at La Pena, Berkeley, June 13.

2001 - "What's New about the New Economy?" Lecture to Labor Summer Intern program, Institute of Industrial Relations of UC-Berkeley, June 27.

2001 - "The Bay Area Economy and the Economic Crisis", lecture to SEIU 790 training session. Oakland, Aug 18th, 2001

2001 - Informal talks at Black Oak Books and SF MOMA with Richard Misrach about Golden Gate, Fall 2001

2001 - "The Bay Area Economy: Ground Zero of the Boom and Bubble", lecture at Teach-In on the Global Economy, San Francisco State University, December 8, 2001.

2002 - Seminar on "Economic and Real Estate Development of the Mission District" to Mission Economic Development Agency, San Francisco, March 19, 2002.

Advisory board, "California Legacy" series, Heyday Books & University of Santa Clara.

Advisory Board, California Humanities Network, California Council for the Humanities


1979 - Radio Interview on expansion of the California Water Project, Campus Observer, Berkeley, May 2

1979 - Radio Interview on environmental regulation and the economic crisis, Station WBAI, New York, September 28

1980 - Radio interview, Peripheral Canal issue, Station KPFA, Berkeley, July 2

1980 - Debate on the Peripheral Canal issue, Channel S (Cable) Oakland, California, September 30

1980 - Radio Interview, Peripheral Canal issue, KSFX, San Francisco, August 13

1981 - TV interview with Canadian National Television, on water development in North America, November 23 (Subsequently aired in U.S., as well, by Eric Severeid)

1982 - Radio interview on KCBS, afternoon program, on peripheral canal, May 13

1983 - "Americanization of the War in Central America," Op-Ed page, San Francisco Examiner, June 28, p D-3

1983 - "EDB: Another Chemical Tragedy", Op-Ed Page, Oakland Tribune, July 21, p B-5 (with Ellen Widess)

1983 - "A Rekindled Cold War Takes a Toll in Central America," Daily Californian, Thursday, October 20, p. 4. (with Pravin Varaiya)

1984 - "Another Alliance for Progress?" Economic and Political Weekly, 19:6, February 11, pp. 242-43. (with Pravin Varaiya)

1984 - "The Great Communicator Leads us to War," Daily Cal, May 25, p. 4 (with Ruth Varaiya)

1984 - "Reagan Tries to Rewrite Latin American History," Oakland Tribune, June 24, p. B-7. (with Ruth Varaiya)

1985 - Quoted in many articles and editorials around California about "The Price of Water," January (e.g., in SF Examiner, Sacramento Bee, Oakland Tribune).

1986 - "U.S. to blame for Nicaragua’s distress" (w/ P. Varaiya), Daily Californian, January 17, p 4.

1986 - Guest on KGO Radio (SF) program on Nicaragua and US policy, Michael Krassner Show, 10-11 pm, December 22.

1991 - "Conservatives invent PC threat to silence opposition on campus," Daily Californian, May 16. p. 4 (Opinion editorial)

1995 - Advisor to Channel 4, Britain, special report on Gov. Pete Wilson

1999 - Radio panel on the global economy, KPFK (LA), "Beneath the Surface" program, January 26.

1999-2001 - Advisor and paid consultant to documentary filmmaker Garrett Scott, Subdivision Productions, under CCH grant M9810-139, for film ‘Cul-de-Sac’

2000 - Guest on the Michael Krasny show, KQED radio, September 29, talking about ‘the SF freeway revolt’

Founding member, Friends of Flashpoints (KPFA radio)

2001 - Appeared on Laura Flanders' Working Assets Radio program, KALW, San Francisco, October 23, 2001.

2001-02 - Many interviews with print journalists about California (as Chair of California Studies Center, via UC Public Relations Office)

2002 - Appeared in "Trade Secrets: the hidden costs of the FTAA.", film by Center for Labor Research and Education, IIR, UCB, 2002

Appeared in "Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage", independent documentary film directed by Heather Rogers, San Francisco

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